Jeff Bezos Enjoys Luxurious Greek Getaway on $500 Million Superyacht

Tech mogul Jeff Bezos, renowned for his Amazon empire, has opted for a lavish retreat amidst the tranquil waters of the Ionian Sea in Greece, embarking on a sumptuous vacation aboard the opulent superyacht known as “Koru,” boasting an astonishing valuation of half a billion dollars.

Following a prior sojourn through the Cyclades archipelago, Bezos, accompanied by his partner Lauren Sanchez, has elected the alluring Ionian Sea as their idyllic summer haven. Recent sightings have placed the magnate on the enchanting island of Kastos in Lefkada, where they disembarked from the “Koru” utilizing a tender.

Distinguished as a spectacular 127-meter schooner flaunting three towering masts, each soaring to an impressive height of seventy meters, the “Koru” was meticulously crafted at a considerable expense of five hundred million dollars. This significant expenditure remains just a fraction of Bezos’ estimated personal fortune, a staggering $163 billion according to Forbes.

Ranked as the thirty-second largest yacht globally, the “Koru” carries an annual operational cost of around twenty-five million dollars. This extravagant vessel accommodates up to eighteen guests and necessitates a crew of forty sailors to adeptly oversee its array of amenities.

Adding to Bezos’ already extensive collection of superyachts, helicopters, and aircraft, the “Koru” boasts an exquisite construction composed of aluminum and steel, encompassing three sprawling decks and a resplendent swimming pool.

Unveiled to the seas in 2023, the “Koru” reigns as a majestic sailing yacht, boasting a beam spanning 16.95 meters, a draught of 5.02 meters, and an expansive 3,493 gross tons. Propelled by two formidable MTU engines, the yacht achieves a commendable top speed of twenty knots.

Adjacent to this colossal vessel, a smaller utility yacht hosts a helipad tailored for Bezos and his esteemed celebrity guests. This auxiliary vessel serves as a platform for luxury cars, jet skis, speedboats, and even a personal submarine, as per reports from the Daily Mail.

Recalling a previous Greek escapade, Bezos relished an Aegean odyssey aboard an opulent yacht prior to his remarkable space voyage. This maritime journey included the company of billionaire Barry Diller, the husband of Diane von Furstenberg, and the esteemed CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. Together, they explored the Aegean aboard the “Eos,” a remarkable three-masted Bermuda-rigged schooner that stands as one of the world’s most expansive private sailing yachts, previously owned by Diller.

Greece, renowned for its inviting climate, cerulean waters, and an abundance of scattered islands across the eastern Mediterranean, retains its status as the world’s second most favored superyacht destination, eclipsed only by Italy on a global scale. The allure of Greece’s offerings has enticed numerous affluent individuals, leading to the rapid emergence of Vouliagmeni, positioned to the south of Athens, as a burgeoning superyacht hub. Plans for the advanced Astir Marina are already underway, set to captivate and cater to the discerning tastes of the prosperous elite.