FIFA 21 – The FUTTIES Event Is Back

FIFA 21 FUTTIES is the event that honors the FUT 21 season with special boosted items that come as rewards from SBCs and Objectives.

FIFA 21 rolled out the FUTTIES event. This program celebrates the FUT 21 season. We’ve had a wonderful season with exciting challenges and new cards but things are about to end. FUTTIES is here to mark the end of the FUT 21 life cycle but don’t worry as FIFA 22 is coming in just a few months. The new game is not here yet so let’s enjoy FIFA 21 FUTTIES.


This is a throwback campaign to some of the most amazing FUT 21 moments. This year we’ve had many great moments and events such as the Ones to Watch, Future Stars, and Festival of FUTball. FIFA 21 FUTTIES introduces new content so you still have plenty of opportunities to upgrade your roster. The campaign includes player picks, derby day, favorites, and re-releases of some of the most popular FUT 21 cards. The player pick fan vote is a program that allows the community to select player items that will get upgrades. It’s very easy to take part in this. Just keep an eye on FUT 21 and don’t miss the 24-hour campaigns that give you a player pick. Each one of these items will display loan versions for two FUT 21 FUTTIES nominees. You can give your vote to the player you like. The item that gets the most votes becomes the reward of a squad-building challenge. Complete this SBC and you will get the upgraded item. The nominees that don’t get picked can also be obtained through SBCs. These will be available towards the end of the event. We have another voting event. During the FUTTIES event, the Objectives menu has team events. This event will give players the chance to select one of the two nominees. The one that you choose gets your vote. Each nominee has associated event objectives. You can check them out on the Objectives screen. Players can complete these activities to help the player they’ve selected win the vote. Each completed activity gives XP to your nominee. The one that has the most XP at the end of the team event wins the round. The winner can be acquired as a reward from Objectives. FIFA 21 FUTTIES weekends feature community favorites. An SBC will be available during the weekend. The reward is a popular player card from a certain month or event. We will also have favorite Objectives. Throughout the event, popular player items will be available in packs.

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Tom Henry

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